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Akemi has great knowledge of the game and has helped me reach my goals. Highly recommend her if you want a good coach who truly knows how to teach.
I must say I’m impressed with Akemi’s knowledge and how easily she’s able to teach. I’ve been stuck at a Master 200lp range for a long time and this was exactly the help I needed. Akemi pointed out a lot of stuff that I didn’t even think or know before and it just felt insanely good to learn all of this. She covered laning phase planning in details, helped me with camera movement and roams, positioning, wave management and also helped me with my mentality, which was also holding me back.
She excels with her knowledge about the game, focusing on what and how I could improve and helps me getting there with coming up with different exercises and ways to track progress. She is extremely professional, brings a good and comfortable atmosphere to the sessions and makes me feel like she always gives 200% for her students.
Great Coach with very specific advice and a great way to bring it across. Really informative and nice about everything you would need to know: 10000% Recommend!
I tried multiple coaches at the start for top lane in hopes that I can find someone long term, and after one session with akemi I knew that she was the one. My initial rank was p4 and after just one session (out of the one month personal coach) I quickly started to realize my mistakes and most importantly my improvement. She made everything seem so easy and every session just felt like all my weaknesses were diminishing. By the end of our one month session, I finished as d2. I plan on getting another 1 month session with her for a different role, she’s just that good.
Akemi has a awesome attitude and you can really feel that she enjoys coaching and she creates a comfortable atmosphere in the sessions. She is really good in analyzing a game and pointing out what you could have done better and giving advices on your playstyle in general. I enjoyed and learned a lot in the sessions had with her so far and can highly recommend her
It was my first coaching on proguides so I was a bit nervous but Akemi explained everything in calm and friendly manner and made me feel really comfortable in a session so I forgot I was stressed out at first! Really detailed game review, she answered all of my questions as well. Im currently d3 and didnt think that I was lacking so much knowledge until she showed me all of the areas that I can improve on. Highly recommend and thanks again Akemi I will be back for another session for sure!
She is lovely! I was a bit stressed out to get into a first session but she was so friendly and polite. Helped me to understand my mistakes, explained them, showed other options, analyzed my thought process and gave me a lot of advice. Was super patient and cute. I’d recommend her to anyone!

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Most popular packages

I offer a variety of single sessions  as well as discounted packages.
If you’re unsure which package would suit you best contact me for a free consultation.

JUNGLE Specialist


Want to make the “jungle diff” in your games? 👑 Check out this training plan tailored to jungle players!

During the course of this Specialist package we will meet twice a week, once for 3h long session and once for 1h to go over additional VODs. In total you will have 16h of coaching.

We will cover jungle concepts such as early game planning, pathing and jungle clear, who to play for, when to play for them, win conditions, runes and items, keeping up tempo (csing, ganking, recalling in response to map state), optimizing recalls, jungle tracking, camera control, gank execution, objective control, counter jungling, counter ganking, team fights, how to play the map in mid/late game, decision making and adaptation and anything else you might need!
Improve your skills as a jungler and reach higher rank with me!

ADC Specialist


Want to make the “adc diff” in your games? 👑 Check out this training plan tailored to bottom lane players!

During the course of this Specialist package we will meet twice a week, once for 3h long session and once for 1h to go over additional VODs.
In total you will have 16h of coaching.

We will cover botlane concepts such as : match up understanding, lane planning, runes and items, playing strong/weak side, high cs scores and how to achieve them, optimizing recals, jungle tracking, kiting, positioning, wave management, teamfights, how to play the map in midgame and anything else you might need.
Improve your skills as adc and reach higher rank with me!



During this bootcamp we will meet 3 times a week for 1.5h long sessions to closely monitor your progress and provide a lot of feedback and an additional 2h of coaching at the end to evaluate your progress and discuss future steps. It adds up to 20h of coaching per month.
I will improve your fundamentals, teach you intermediate and advanced concepts that will help you to dominate your games and carry your teams to victories.

Aside from game reviews I will also provide you with extra bonuses such as additional support and tips outside of session time through discord, an online file that will highlight your progress, contain our session notes so you can always review them and highlight your tasks, tailor made training plan that will suit your real life and extra vods and materials to watch to aid your understanding of topics we discuss in sessions.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Find the most frequently asked questions and answers below.
If you have any other inquiry feel free to reach out to me!

Which roles and champions do you coach?

I coach all roles and all champions. I have experience both playing and coaching all roles.

How should I choose between Live Game and Vod Review?

If you have a particular game recorded that you would like to go over then Vod Review is the way to go. However, if you haven’t been recording your games from your point of view and wish to start coaching immediately, or simply do not have a specific game you’d like to go over, then a live session is your preferred choice!

What should I prepare for a Vod Review?

Make sure to record the game from YOUR point of view. You can use free software such as OBS or Outplayed to record it. Afterwards please upload it to Youtube or Google Drive. Don’t upload it last minute though, make sure you upload the vod in advance as the videos also need to be processed online before they will be accessible in good quality. If the video isn’t ready for viewing at the start of the session then waiting time will take up some of your coaching time.

What should I prepare for a Live Session?

Make sure you are able to screenshare on discord in at least 720px resolution and 30FPS. Check before the session in the practice tool if your ingame ping or fps don’t drop drastically during stream and if the stream quality is decent. Check that your microphone is working properly. If everything seems to be in good order then we are good to start!

Which duos qualify for the Duo Coaching?

As long as there is some interaction and synergy between your roles we can do a duo session.
I wouldn’t recommend playing duo as toplane + adc/support as those two lanes do not interact with each other until mid game.
If you are still unsure about your duo synergy feel free to reach out to me with your question!

What happens if we go overtime?

I’m happy going over time to make sure all questions are answered and explained. I will generally provide and extra 15 minutes for free if we still have stuff to cover! However, depending on my schedule I might have to finish on time and provide the extra answers through text or you could pay extra to extend your session time.

Hey, I’m Akemi

I’m a professional individual and team coach, coaching all roles and champions. Whether you are looking to reach a particular rank or unlock your full potential as a player – I’m the right person to guide you! I’m an elite coach for Proguides.com, Metafy.gg and previously a head coach for NRAX Esports grandmaster-challenger team.

While climbing the ranked ladder (Currently Master tier on EUW) I am also involved in creating educational content for gamers and I’m a part of larger projects, such as Rift Masters Academy coaching server, NRAX Academy and leading tryouts projects for esport organizations. I’m also a streamer!

My journey as a coach – Previous experience

  • Diamond Tier Top & Mid
  • Master Tier Jungle & Mid
  • Created Rift Masters Academy polish coaching server
  • Joined Proguides
  • Master tier ADC
  • Mentored by Nahovsky
  • Joined NRAX Esports as Head Coach
  • League of Legends Lecturer at a High School
  • Master tier ADC & Mid
  • 2nd place at Ultraliga 2nd division as Strategic Coach
  • Joined Metafy.gg
  • Master tier Mid & Support
  • Top League of Legends coach at Metafy
  • 5 star elite coach for Proguides
  • Over 10,000 hours of coaching people to their dream rank
  • Master tier Mid & Adc

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